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Woohoo! February 6, 2009

Posted by antimeme in Apple.

It is here!!

I was going to do yet another unboxing, but I just couldn’t wait to set up the camera and the lighting and so on. As it turns out, Shane was wrong. A refurbished Air or a refurbished SuperDrive – just like a refurbished nano – comes in a plain cardboard box rather than the original packaging. You get everything that was in the original box – all the cables, all the disks and documentation, even the cleaning cloth and the stickers – you just don’t get the box. Not a big deal. Shane was correct about iLife ’09, though. There is a disk right here in the box.


So. Here it is.

It is true, what all the reviews say. If you haven’t seen the Air – held it in your hands – you have no idea how thin this thing is. And it feels both lighter and more solid than its three pound weight might suggest. It is really beautiful – simple and clean. No lid latch switch, magnets keep it closed. All the ports are hidden behind a small door.  The MagSafe connector is unobtrusive. Just beautiful.


Start Me Up

Pressing the On switch, a small bar of light shines from the front right lip. There’s a startup sound – is that gonna happen every time I turn it on? Now I am looking at a grey apple logo centered on a light grey background. Ten seconds later, A screen dialog asks what language I want to use. After a few seconds, a man’s voice asks, “English?” Apparently, I can let Leopard read all the stuff on the screen to me. Cool. Hope I never have to use it. I select English.

Next, I am treated to what Chris Pirillo calls, “the Mac Experience”. A silver Apple floats through space. Music starts. A guy sings doo doo doo while the word “Welcome” is displayed in several languages. Cool. Wonder if I will be able to play that again without reinstalling the OS.

The song ends and I am guided through the setup process. No, I don’t want to transfer my settings from another Mac. Yes, I do want to connect to the cakeisalie network. Yes, I do have an Apple ID – got one when I got my iPod. I sign in, and now the system fills in my name, address, phone. Cool! Suddenly, I am looking at myself on screen. The system turned on the iSight camera so I can get a picture for my user account. Nice touch.

I am guided through a few more setup steps, and then I am set free on the desktop. Woohoo, I am using a Mac! First step, install iLife ’09. Let me see if that Remote Disc thing works. While set that up, I will also switch over to writing this on Safari.


…Two Hours Later…

How utterly frustrating. It is working now. But man, I was pulling my hair out! I installed the DVD or CD Sharing tool onto the Vista partition of Zen, my AMD desktop. When I went to run it, my only option was to use remote disc to install OS X on the Air. There was no option to use the DVD drive in any other way. Tried repairing the installation – same result. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling – no dice. Tried restarting – without reinstalling, then with. Aaaargh!

Ok. Deep breath. Look in Program Files. Oh, look! CD or DVD Sharing. ODSAgent doesn’t seem to do anything. But ODSOptions looks like it is the ticket. I select Enable DVD or CD Sharing and disable the “Ask me before using…” option. Go back to the Mac. Click on Remote Disc. Now it sees the Zen. Clicking on Zen shows the iLife disc. Finally! Click on the disc. Wait.





Finally, the install screen comes up. There’s the iLife logo, a ReadMe pdf file, and an icon showing a cardboard box over a file called iLife ’09.mpkg. Double click it and… Zen reports the network is down.  Repeat steps beginning with clicking on Remote disc.

…Two MORE Hours Later…

I give up. Four, no FIVE tries. The best I could manage was getting 16%  of  iPhoto installed. All I can say is, I am glad I sprang for the SuperDrive. I will never, ever use remote disc again. It would intermittently disconnect for no reason, and when it was working, it was painfully, dreadfully slow. This is on an ‘n’ network that has been, until now, rock solid and pretty speedy.  SuperDrive install worked perfectly and took fewer than ten minutes.


I’m exhausted. More later.



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