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Quick Apple (or pc) Tip #2 March 5, 2010

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For inexpensive cables, it is hard to beast monoprice.com. I just bought two 20-foot Cat5 cables, two 14-foot Cat5 cables and a 6-foot HDMI cable for less than twenty-five dollars. That includes expedited shipping. You would have a hard time getting the HDMI cable alone for that price anywhere else.


Quick Apple Tip #1 February 19, 2010

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This is one of those, “Why didn’t I notice that before?” tips. If the red circle has a darker dot inside it, the file has been changed but not saved.

I’ve gotten to the point now where it is a Pavlovian response to save (Command-S) every time I see the dot. It has probably kept me from losing hours of work.

Demo of changed file

This one needs to be saved!

Don’t come unhinged. March 30, 2009

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If you check the Apple discussion sites, you’ll see that Air owners are experiencing catastrophic failures of the hinge mechanisms. What’s worse is that Apple is balking at repairs, claiming it is human error rather than a design flaw. I’m sorry, Apple. You are wrong.

Apple calls its portable computers “notebooks”. Others call them laptops. The Macbook Air is among the very lightest around. It seems perfectly suited to sitting on your lap or resting on your knees when you are stretched out on the couch. That’s where the problem lies. If you have the Air positioned so you can use it, chances are that you will be placing a lot of the weight on the bottom rear of the computer with most of the weight being borne on the back end. If you look, you’ll see that the bottom edge of the top half (the half that holds the screen). Therefore, the two parts that are feeling the most pressure? The hinges.

In my mind, this falls under the category of “design” flaw. Yes, users should not rest the Air on its back lid edge. But that is the most likely resting place when you have it on your lap – especially if your knees are at all raised. Apple should acknowledge its error, and pay for the repairs when necessary.

Use your head – use a cooling pad

If you use a cooling pad, the laptop rests on its feet. This will avoid the problem. Also, never, ever carry the laptop with the lid open. Close it – it will be exactly as you left it when you get to the couch or the throne room or wherever you are carying the thing, and you’ll do it without stressing the hinges.

But if you do have a problem with the hinges, be persistent with the Apple support team. It seems that if you refuse to take no for an answer, Apple will eventually fix the problem for you.

Today’s the Day! February 6, 2009

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I woke up this morning to the first change in delivery status. Sometime overnight, my precious Air arrived in Tampa. As I write, the package is ‘out for delivery’. I am so excited, I can barley tpye.

My iPod and my iPhone both have invisible shields. They have protected these devices so well, that I just ordered one for the Air as well. I know that it is going to be a lot harder to put on the Air, but it will be worth it. I am not gentle on my electronics. The invisible shield does an amazing job of protecting the metal from scratches. When I finally decide to get rid of the Air, it should look just as good as the day I got it.

The Waiting Is the Hardest Part February 4, 2009

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Thursday morning.

Shane was overly optimistic about the shipping. Yanno, I wouldn’t have expected it to be here at all were it not for Shane’s rosy estimate of delivery time. As it is, the laptop and the SuperDrive are still “In Transit” from San Francisco. The mouse and iWork are another story altogether. They are being shipped by DHL. Estimated delivery date has been updated to next Wednesday for them. How sad.

In the meantime, I have been reading up on my new toy. Most of the folks who have actually used the thing have discussed the issue of heat – the laptop gets hot, and then either slows or shuts down. This usually happens when doing graphically intensive things, like watching YouTube or Apple Developer Connection videos. That could present a problem.

What, Me Worry? February 3, 2009

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I have concerns. I also have issues, but that’s another story. Allow me to explain…

I am not worried about the lack of ports. I have never, ever used firewire. My ex had a firewire connector on her 2nd gen nano, but it didn’t do anything when I plugged it in. And one USB is plenty. I usually only have my wireless keyboard and mouse plugged in to my desktop. the only other things I use USB for is for charging and syncing my devices, and for printing. The mouse and keyboard are bluetooth, so I don’t need them. I can print remotely, so I don’t need that. One device at a time for the other stuff is fine with me. 
I am also unconcerned about the other ports. I have an iPod and an iPhone, so I know the headphones I have will fit. I also like that there is just that one port for video output. with one simple connector, I can connect to a VGA device, or a DVI, or even Dual-Link DVI. It is a simple, elegant solution that works perfectly for me, as I have all of those types of devices.
I have little need for a CD/DVD drive, but I got the SuperDrive just in case. I doubt I’ll be taking it anywhere, but it is nice to have if I need it.  Here again, Apple came up with a simple solution that works for me. 

I am similarly unconcerned with the lack of a microphone jack. I have never had a mike that was quiet and effective until I got a Logitech USB headset. 
I hope that I get 3.5 – 4 hours on the battery. That will be better than any laptop I’ve had previously. I once took a flight where I wanted to watch a couple of DVDs, so I brought a spare battery. It turned out to be more trouble than it was worth, so I never did it again. I plan to use my iPhone for entertainment, and I have extra power for that. Another potential problem solved.

So, the only real problem I have is the skimpy hard drive.

I have spent years ripping all of my music into digital format. I have more music than the entire capacity of the 80Gb PATA hard drive that will be on my Air. I could transfer them onto a USB drive, but I don’t want to. What I’d really like to do is to leave them on my desktop hard drive and access them wirelessly. But, I don’t want to just connect to the iTunes library remotely – I want the files stored on the Windows machine to actually be my Library on the Air. You see, one of the things I want to do is to sync my iPhone through the MacBook. I understand that the calendar and contact functions will actually work on the Air. 

I hope it will be possible.